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Battle of Britain

By Simon Harrison

Who produces the best boxers in UK is it the south? Is it the rest of the country? Below is my take on a South of Britain verses the rest of the UK. The fighters are in my opinion the best produced by the respective area in the last 30 years or so.

Frank Bruno Vs Horace Notice

Horace might not of ever lost a fight; but he never met anyone even in Franks class; Bruno in 4.

Sammy Reeson Vs Johnny Nelson

Sammy was our first world class cruiser winning the first Euro 190 title. But he was not in Nelsons class; look at their respective results against DeLeon. And that was arguable Nelsons worse ever performance; Nelson in 8.

Dennis Andries Vs John Conteh

Conteh was classy, and fought many a Heavyweight (as was the way back then), but he never showed his true potential, more interested in the high life that came with being a Champ. Andries was the most underrated modern British Fighter, victories over Czyz, Harding and Williamson prove this, and I reckon he would get the better of Conteh in a very close fight; Andries WS12.

Nigel Benn Vs Joe Calzaghe

Benn was more boxer than puncher at 168, and Calzaghe has trouble with awkward boxers (Woodhall and Reid). But I think calzaghe would get the Better of Benn in a brutal battle; Calzaghe WU12

Chris Eubank vs Herol Bomer Graham

The 2 biggest enigmas Modern British boxing has produced. I got go for Graham as he had the better pedigree at 160; Graham WU12.

Maurice Hope vs Chris Pyatt

Hope was an excellent fighter from the late 70s/early 80s. It took a near prime Benetiz to end his title reign. Pyatt was a solid fighter with a good chin and fare dig, but would not be in Hope's class; Hope WU12.

Lloyd Honeyghan vs Colin Jones

The Ragamuffin Man in his prime was a superb fighter. Ruined a potential legend in Curry, and beat alphabet title holders in Hatcher, Bumphis and Blocker in title defences; also redeemed himself against Vaca. Jones was as tough as they came; beat the more skilful Laing twice, and gave Milton McCroy all he could handle in 2 epic bouts; but Honeyghans versatility gives it to him; Honeyghan WU12

Terry Marsh Vs Ricky Hatton

Marsh was never given the credit he deserved. Sure he was a fool for fighting while suffering from epilepsy, but that shouldn’t take anything away from his achievements in the ring. Beat Manley in a ‘Lineage’ Title fight; made a successful defence with one of the worse cuts I have ever seen. Plus got his title shot the old way by winning the European title against the tough Tex N'Kalankete, and never lost a fight. This fight would be a classic, Hatton would be stronger but Marsh would be the better boxer, and providing cuts do not effect the result I take Marsh to win a decision, but maybe with more experience Hatton will in due course get me to change my mind; Marsh WM12.

Billy Schwer vs Ken Buchanan

Buchanan is the most talented fighter these shores have produced in modern times, and as good as Schwer was; he would not be able to touch the Scotsman; Buchanan WU12.

Jim McDonnell vs Barry McGuigan

we already have had this bout McDonnell TKO4.

Colin McMillan vs Naseem Hamed

Sweet ‘C’ gave a superb boxing lesson when beating Stecca, and if he had not suffered that horrible shoulder injury who knows maybe it would have been McMillan fighting Naz in 94. But it wouldn’t of mattered Naz would have been far too strong for Colin; Naz in 6.

Spencer Oliver vs Michael Brodie

this is one of them if only fights. They seemed destined to meet until Oliver suffered that potential life threatening injury. We will never know how good Oliver could have become; but brodie didn’t turn out to bad did he? So that’s why I have to give the edge to Brodie; Brodie WU12.

Duke McKenzie vs Johnny Owen

Johnny Owen was a classy fighter who always fought against the odds. He went to Spain and got robbed in a Euro title fight; but came back and eventually won the belt. He was virtually untouchable at European level so he challenged the excellent Lupe Pintor in the den that was The Olympic Auditorium LA. And he gave Pintor all he could handle for 8 rounds before eventually running out of steam. He truly was a remarkable fighter………… McKenzie was probably at his best at 118; and produced his best result when he decisioned Gaby Canazalies; tough fight McKenzie probably would have the edge. McKenzie WS12.

Charlie Magri vs Dave McAuley

Charlie was an excellent fighter until he bumped into a prime Sot Chitalada; the fight ruined him. McAuley was always underappreciated and was involved in some excellent battles; the first Bassa fight, both the Blanco fights and a superb stoppage win over baby Jake Matalta, not to mention winning his version of the world title off an undefeated Duke McKenzie. McAuley had the better pedigree and that’s what I think gives him the edge; McAuley WU12.

So there we have it; the battle of Britain results are in and it is a lame 7-7 draw.

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