Joey Carkido Boxing Article

Joey Carkido Boxing Article

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Joey Carkido

The great city of Youngstown, Ohio has produced many a fine fighter. Lenny and Ray Mancini, Tommy Bell, Tony Janiro, "Red" D'Amato and Harry Arroyo, etc...

One of Youngstown's finest from the 1940's and early 50's has been all but forgotten. Only the die hard local boxing fans remember just how tough Joey Carkido was.

Joey Carkido racked up an impressive 33-3 record as an amatuer boxer before turning professional in 1945. As a pro he won 46 of his first 50 fights against some rugged customers like Vic Moreno, Pete Manchio, Ray Salas and Ross Anzalone.

On December 8, 1947 Joey fought the first of four world champions he would meet in his distinguised career. Paddy DeMarco halted Joey in seven rounds.

The year 1948 was an up and down year for Joey. He won only five of 16 fights while losing 8 and drawing in three. In 1949 Joey again lost more then he won but it was against top flight competition like Ron Delaney and another champ, Lew Jenkins.

On April 3, 1950 Joey scored the biggest win of his career when he outpointed Beau Jack over ten rounds. In his next match he dropped a ten round duke to Charley Fusari. As you can see Joey didn't fight too many stiffs. Still there were more losses then victories.

In 1951 kayo losses to Chuck Taylor and Johnny Saxton pushed Joey out of the big leagues. He would lose all four of his 1952 contests.

In 98 professional fights Joey retired with a respectable 59-32-7 record. He boxed several times at Madison Square Garden.

In 1988 he was inducted into the Trumbull County of Ohio Legends Of Leather Hall Of Fame. A worthy tribute to a fine fighter.

Jim Amato

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