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Laila Ali vs Christy Martin

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Laila Ali vs Christy Martin

What's The Point ?

There is nothing like a bench clearing brawl in a baseball or a tussle at a pre- fight press conference to bring the highlight clips to the top of the newscast.
Baseball players will most liekly be fined. Highlighted boxers will most likely be rewarded. What's wrong with this picture?

In reality, nothing. Boxing is for the most part, self promotion. Fighters have to sell themselves to the public. Press agents and promoters help but if a
fighter or a fight itself lacks... well something has to pick up the slack.

The "confrontation" between Laila Ali and Christy Martin at a recent press get together got the anticipated reaction from the media. My question is; will it blind us from what we are about to witness?

This fight will bring female boxing to the spotlight and in return it may set it back ten years. Everything a pioneer like Christy Martin forged for women's boxing will take a hit harder then Marciano's "Suzie-Q". It is not fair to Christy who in the end will be both pioneer and martyr. Sad, very sad.

Martin will be giving up height, weight, reach and most of all age to her talented advesary. What ever happened to Martin-vs-Lucia Rijker?

I feel that Christy knows that her best days are behind her. This is payday she wants, needs and yes, deserves. The sport owes her something. The unfortunate thing is to cash in Christy has to endorse the check with her own blood.

By Jim Amato

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