Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr - Boxing Article

Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr Boxing Article

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If I Were Mike Tyson

Just imagine that at one time you the most feared boxer in the world. You are the self proclaimed "Baddest man on the planet", and nobody dares to doubt you. Trevor Berbick, Tyrell Biggs, Pinklon Thomas and Larry Holmes have crumbled at your feet. Michael Spinks tasted your power and never boxed again. It all ended in 1990 when Buster Douglas exposed you.

You returned to twice defeat the ever dangerous Razor Ruddock. Then disaster struck as you were trounced by a wisp of a woman named Desiree Washington. She hit you where it hurt and knocked you out for three whole years !
Again you returned to reclaim your past glory. You won back your titles by way of the best matching making since your local dating service. Bruce Seldon and Frank Bruno were the most congenial of escorts in seating you back on your throne. Evander Holyfield came on like an ugly blind date and ruined your party. He made you so mad that you bit his ear in the return match and you have not been the same since !

Your next comeback led to your worst defeat as Lennox Lewis slapped you around like you were his homely step son. That night you made Lennox Lewis look like a great heavyweight champion. He's not. It was a case of Lewis not being as good as you were bad. Make sense ? Maybe not but it doesn't make sense that at this stage of your career you are still able to put "asses in the seats" better then any boxer in the game. Go figure.

Why didn't you challenge then W.B.A. titleholder, the very beatable John Ruiz before going after Lewis ? If you would have won ( if ? ) , the Lewis bout would have been billed as a unification and stirred up even more interest. Oh well, water under the bridge now.
What's next for Iron Mike ? There is only so many guys named Clifford in the future. It's time to ---- or get off the pot ! What would I do if I were you ? I can give you three choices. ROY, ROY, ROY !

As a fighter and an aging one at that you want to find the best payday with the least amount of risk. Roy Jones Jr. is your ticket. Too much has been made of Roy's win over Ruiz. Even when he was recognized as champion most knowledgeable boxing people did not even rank Ruiz among their top ten heavies. Roy is talented but he has never met anyone with your strength, aggression, hand speed and power.

This fight would generate unbelievable fan interest. There are so many Roy Jones worshipers out there who are convinced Roy is unbeatable. There are so many tangibles to consider in this bout, the press will have a field day.
So come on Mike, one more time !

By Jim Amato

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