Salvador Sanchez Alexis Arguello Boxing Article

Salvador Sanchez Alexis Arguello Boxing Article

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It is a shame that Salvador Sanchez never had a chance to reach his full potential. His tragic car accident cut short any already outstanding career. He dominated the featherweight division after his title winning knockout of the respected Danny Lopez. Nine defenses followed including wins over Juan La Porte, Wilfredo Gomez and Azumah Nelson, all of whom won the crown after Salvador's untimely death. Only his WBA counterpart Eusebio Pedroza looked to stand a chance against him. Efforts to match the two were unsuccessful. At the time of his death Sanchez hinted he was ready to move up to 130 pounds. Alexis Arguello had relinquished his WBA Featherweight Title and challenged Alfredo Escalera for the WBC 130 pound title. Arguello scored a thirteenth round kayo in a brutal fight and then proceeded to make eight successful defenses. Among his victims were Bobby Chacon, Rafael Limon and Rolando Navarette. He also stopped Boza Edwards in a non-title match. All four won the title after Alexis vacated the championship.

At the time of Salvador's passing Arguello had already moved up and captured the WBC Lightweight crown. What if they would have met at 130 pounds? A bout between all time great counterpunchers. I believe the early rounds would have been a chess match with both trying to establish their jabs. Aexis had the stronger jab but the quicker belonged to Salvador. I think Sanchez would have taken advantage of Arguello's lack of speed and outboxed him to carry a lead through the middle rounds. Alexis would begin using a steady body attack to slow Sanchez down. As Salvador slowed down Arguello could begin reaching him with stiff jabs that would eventually set up his awesome right hand. Sanchez had a great chin as ha proved by absorbing the bombs of Lopez, Gomez, Nelson and La Porte but Arguello's power even surpasses theirs. Still with his ring savvy and tremendous heart Sanchez would fully extend Alexis. I see Arguello coming from behind to win a close but deserved decision.

Jim Amato

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