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Thread: how to get better footwork..?

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    Default how to get better footwork..?

    what are some excersises or things I can do for better footwork? I just started back at my gym and my footwork is kinda sloppy any ways to help me improve.

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: how to get better footwork..?

    practice... move around on the bag, if your not balance you will be able to tell because you can't through properly. In sparring you'll be able to tell when you're off balance... ask the lads in the gym to remind you if you;re getting sloppy...

    your coach will pick up on it, if your coming back its not that the tools are gone, they just need to be sharpened...

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    Default Re: how to get better footwork..?

    Knowing where and why your doing certain moves.
    its one thing doing the moves ,its another knowing the benifits and pitfalls.
    Watch pros and take note what suits your style.
    Think outside the square.. like imagine different situations and work out of them
    Eg ;what footplacment you could do if you were hit and wanted to lessen that hit; but at the same time get your counter shot further in with more power.(you'd be suprized how little you have to move your feet for your head to slip a punch or go with the flow of it.
    Everything works in reverse too and you can get caught with your weight comming forward at the wrong time,so study what to do for sure; but (Mostly) when to do and why.
    And thats a mind thing .
    If you can get the move into the game when its safe or advantagous to do so,you can really claim the move and work on it even further to suit your style.
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