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Thread: !!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M GONNA BE A DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M GONNA BE A DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by beds
    i always knew they were tough lil soldiers

    im not gonna be dissapointed if its a girl, will still be soooo happy, jus wen i think bout having a kid i think of playin the father role, playing footall, going fishing. doing all the things my dad done for me.
    gotta get my mini crystal palace kit ready cos it aint supporting no chelski.
    i will be protective i know that but i will also feel proud and wanna push the pram everywere and show the world this is my baby.

    and at least i wont be the old dad at the school gates, i'll be the school run mums fave

    and im defo winning the dads race at sports day, cos most of the girls round here dont have fathers for there kids.

    and in lane 1, beds

    on your marks

    Get'em a 'Real Madrid' jersey

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    Default Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M GONNA BE A DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yea could get him a baby madrid kit, palace 1st though

    the shining white of real would enhance the colour of his sick

    I'm the real pretty boy

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