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Thread: Best Heavys of last 20

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    Default Best Heavys of last 20

    Just the ones i can remember in no real order.

    Tyson , pre Douglas( and after my Tyson DVD Weekend marathon) id have taken him over just about everybody the way he moved in so quick with awesome head movement and thunderous hooks . He could slip a jab and if the jab wasnt strong you were in trouble against him .

    Lennox ,good but not great i think when Tyson was keeping his punches short he'd not have lived with Tyson and Lewis did struggle with smaller men

    Holyfield,good for his time but i dont think he'd have been able to hold off Tyson in his Prime i think the Holyfield that outworked Bowe in the rematch would have beaten Lennox Lewis

    Bowe , shit you forget how good he was against Holyfield and then you had the Golota debacles. He moved well he had a good jab and really quick hands . Did he go downhill after winning the title ?

    Ibeabuchi, you'll never know he had the physical but not the mental aptitude for life let alone the Ring . Would he have combusted like Golota or Tyson in times of Crisis ?

    Chris Byrd , not everybodys cuppa but deserves a mention , he'd have loss to all the above ( did to II)

    Tua , good puncher exciting but not much else unless you stood on top of him and tried to have it like II.

    McCall , another who burned brightly for a few seconds and was always dangerous .

    Mercer , im glad i wasnt a fan of his because if i was he'd have frustrated me to death he had seemingly everything just couldnt quite get the cigar .

    Bruno , alot laugh but people forget he was ahead on the cards against Witherspoon and put on a really good display against Lewis and Tyson ( 1st fight ) underated . Why was he built like a weightlifter all the mass slowed him down . Underated Jab good jab.

    Witherspoon ,another Mercer ? Good skills, speed and underated jab .

    Holmes , just sneaks in but the Holmes against Tyson was doing well for 2 rounds just didnt have the legs any more .

    Vitali , i dont care what people say he was a dangerous motherfucker with a big heart and real power .

    Wvlad , sometimes looks like an accident waiting to happen but he does have alot of power and is a great finisher .

    Tony Tubbs , good fighter think he is underated !!!

    Buster Douglas , i honestly think even if Tyson had prepared for him properly he'd still have given him all the trouble in the world people forget that Buster still stood up to some huge bombs early and picked himself off the deck . What a great performence .

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    Default Re: Best Heavys of last 20

    Best or Greatest pal? There hugely different, for example i see Tyson beating anyone of the last 20 years in his prime....but Homles and Lennox admittedly had greater longevity and better records so there greater.

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