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Thread: greynotsoold - Elements of Defense: Slipping Punches

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    Default greynotsoold - Elements of Defense: Slipping Punches


    Elements of Defense: Slipping Punches
    Slipping is a method of avoiding a punch without moving out of range, used primarily against straight punches. The idea is to make the punch miss you by the smallest possible margin; this creates openings and you have both hands available to mount an attack. There are 4 basic 'slips':

    1) Inside slip on a left jab: shift the weight over a strait left leg, turn the right shoulder forward. Swing right hip forward right knee bent and loose- keep left hand ready to stop his right. Also note that the motion made to slip inside is the same as that involved in throwing a straight right.

    2)Inside slip on Straight Right: shift the weight over a straight right leg, turn left shoulder through to center line, right foot stationary, left toe turned inward. Note that this movement is same as throwing a left hook.

    3)Outside slip on left jab: same as the above. Wt shifts to straight right leg, turn left hip and shoulder to the right, left hand low to counter right held higfh to guard, right foot stationary left toe turned inward. Also same motion as left hook.

    4) Outside Slip on Straight Right: short step forward and sideways with left foot, shift weight over the left leg. right shoulder hip and leg swing forward to the left. Right hand low to counter left hand high to the right of the chin.

    One more point. I'm sure you all know to turn sharply, with violence, when punching. Too often you see boxers get into a gentle roll on defense; you should use the same effort avoiding the punch as is spent trying to hit you. If you noticed above, the slips are nothing more than punching motions. We'll see in future posts some counters off these slips so get in the habit of snapping out of the way as well.
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