I just got this mail from a mate of mine from Melbourne, Oz

Jonny el Swan!!

I've been improsoned at the centre for medical clinical studies in

I'm voluntarily donating my healthy body for the next couple of days
to science. They are testing a new drug that will hopefully one day
damaged brain cells. So I am in the first group where they pump drugs for
hours non stop and then take blood samples, blood pressure and ECGs for
the next day after
I'm in here for two nights and get let out tonight at about nine pm. I
have to return for one more out patient visit next week where I also get
my cash. $725 bucks!!
Not bad for lying around and watching TV,DVDs,X box and reading mags. They
fasted us the other night from our last meal which was at about 8pm and
started us on the drugs at about 10am. Finally at about 3pm they allowed
us to get up and eat . After lunch I think I got up to soon and fainted!!
Never done that before. Felt a bit nauseas and a bit clammy and then
whammo blacked out and was calling for assistance while lying on the
The doctor said it was a classic faint and nothing to do with the drugs.
What else are they going to say when they have millions riding on it. So
they stopped my infusion at the five hour mark but didn't send me home.
Ranj came and visited with the kids and freaked out. She doesn't want me
doing this again.
The place is like the Big Brother house.Full of students and back packers
looking for a bit of easy money. All young guys and girls walking around
doing nothing trying to pass the time away. There are guys here who look
like professionals that come with their computers, LCD screens that they
set up on their beds to watch DVDs, study material,etc. I'm like the old
codger here keeping to myself.
In the computer room at the moment with a young dude in my study group who
bobysurfs for a living. He has a sponsor that gives him boards and
clothing while he travels the world for a living. I just asked him what
happens today and he said we have one more blood test before they send us
home in about 12 hours!!

take it easy,