I will try again >.
There is problems at the moment, i tried to stick the last message at the top and now it has vanished into thin air!

Anyway welcome.
We used to have a real trainer here that would answer questions (Howard Rainy).Unfotunatley he came under pressure and had to concentrate 100%on his own fighters and Gym.

So I took over and kept it going ,now Missy is helping too.

It is now a share your infomation section ,so enjoy it please.

One rule ,show respect and show you are smart by realising that different people have different points of views and what works for some wont for others.

Fighting is diverse and there is NO-thing that doesnt work in a fight at a certain time and other things that only work at certain times,so read between the lines and stay smart both in the ring and in here or you will be eventually knocked out, thankyou.