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Thread: Work; Training and eat properly, I struggle, how do you do it ?

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    Default Work; Training and eat properly, I struggle, how do you do it ?

    Hi people,

    I have a pretty hectic work schedule, and wondered how other people juggle it. Here is how my day plans out Mon-Fri

    6am - Get up
    7am - Breakfast - Shredded Wheat and Banana on Toast
    8am - Into work
    1pm - Lunch - Just a couple sandwiches usually, apple and glass of pure fresh orange juice
    5.30 - Leave work
    6.30 - Get home, get stuff for training, no food
    7.00 - Training starts at club
    9pm - Get home and have 125 grams of Tuna and 1 boiled egg on toast, and glass of milk
    (On Tues and Thurs I do my own training at home so I get a proper home cook dinner, usually something with vegetable)
    10pm - Bed

    *So tell me what you think and where i could make changes food wise, because I feel thats where I let myself down and should eat something closer to training with plenty of energy and low in fat, because my lunch is to far away from when i train and could be why i get more tired than others at training, even though i work harder than them day in and day out, and pretty much given up drinking at weekends.

    *Supplements seem to help people on the move like my self, but i really want to do this naturally,?! Maybe a protein shake would help, but it still puts me off that its not a natural source

    *if you wondered why the Tuna and boiled egg, its because i read you should have protein after training, and that’s got a lot in it, and egg has all 8 amino acids or something that we need, so does that sound right to people

    Can people who are well educated on these areas please only reply, as I want to make the right changes, not have people tell me stuff they read once out of a magazine and think well that must be right cause it said so.

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    Default Re: Work; Training and eat properly, I struggle, how do you do it ?

    i know what ya mean.
    i got the same here, but i just fix a few sandwitches witch i eat on my way home in the car.
    and when i get back from training i eat some real food.

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    Default Re: Work; Training and eat properly, I struggle, how do you do it ?

    how do we juggle? with difficulty. Planning ahead is the key as are plastic storage boxes!

    depending on your weight-I'd be starving with that diet!

    OK. Drop the juice with lunch, it's high in sugar, you'd be better off eating an orange, or having the juice (if you must) right after training, then eat again at home.

    I would have a snack around 4pm this gives it time to digest but leave you with enough energy for the gym. What you have depends on you, some people just have a banana and find that's enough, some people want like a meal replacement shake. Experiment but you don't want to feel like you have food in your stomach before you train..chances are it will pay a visit.

    Instead of sandwiches how about cooking up some chicken and brown rice? You could have a large sandwich box and have a few mouthfuls at about 10.30, for lunch and afternoon snack. I would try and add a handful of nuts a day to your diet and a piece of fruit to your snacks because you're not eating a varied enough diet for my liking.

    breakfast .7am poridge / omlette
    10.30 am snack carb/prot/fruit lunch snack carb/prot/fruit stir-fry is a good way of getting some veges , just go easy on the oil Â*

    Hope that gives you some ideas

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