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Thread: Left Hand Counters to Left Lead off a slip

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    Default Left Hand Counters to Left Lead off a slip

    Slipping to the Outside: slip outside and hook to the chin; slip outside and hook the solar plexus SLIP to the Inside: slip inside and left uppercut to the chin; slip inside and hook or uppercut to the solar plexus. NOTE; on the first two, slipping outside, hook as you slip; recall that the movement is the same. On the inside slips, you slip, weight now on left leg, then punch, transferring it back. Must be fffaaasst. Move only enough to avoid the punch, snap back violently. All in your hips.

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    Default Re: Left Hand Counters to Left Lead off a slip

    Ignore my other post in your other thread about slipping punch's, you've answered my question here

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