Was at a BUNCE LIVE tour pilot show last night guys and it was most enjoyable. An intimate venue just outside of Birmingham, kind of a practice run the the main launch which is next tuesday 22nd starting in Manchester.

He had Big Joe Egan there who talked for a while with Tyson amongst the topics of conversation. Also had Don Broadhurst there who got up for a quick chat with Steve. Matthew Macklin called into the show and talked sparring, career direction and possible opponents for a good 10 mins.

The show is lookin good man so if anyone fancied it but wasn't quite sure, it'll be a good laugh and some good debate for a couple of hours with some special guest boxers too which i'm not really supposed to mention i don't think. Manchester show has two guests for sure so people. The Ireland stretch is gonna have a great champion guest which may or may not get announced before the show.

If you keep an eye on here BUNCE LIVE, photographs of last nights pilot show may get uploaded.