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Thread: On Line World Championship

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    Default On Line World Championship

    Im getting to dislike the online World Championships

    My issue is I created a new fighter called Otley debut was against a fighter with 7-3...I lost a split 2nd fight was against somebody with 200 plus fights...i lost in 2 3rd fight was somebody with a 50 wins and I lost in 8 on earth can this be there something I can do...or is this it......can any one help?

    Job Biscuit (im getting fed up of getting my arse handed to me all the time)!!

    eh eh!!
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    Default Re: On Line World Championship

    Try changin the time u play online world championships...for me at night is wer all of the FNR4 beasts com out so i try to play in the afternoon but it wil still match u up with 200+ fighters sometimes.
    Other than dat juzz get better at playin the game.
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