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Thread: Good idea to use a weighted belt?

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    Default Good idea to use a weighted belt?

    I read somewhere that to be an overall faster boxer, it would help putting weight on you for normal exercises, like a weighted vest or belt. I prefer the idea of having a belt more than a vest. So I would like to ask, is it a good idea to wear a weighted belt for normal exercises like push-ups, running, jump rope, etc etc?

    If it is, can anybody help me find a place to order a belt? Tried searching for one before coming here, but can't seem to find any, either I end up with a weight lifting belt, or a scuba diving belt. It would also help to say I live in Europe, specifically Denmark, so a place that can deliver to Denmark, would obviously be the best.

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    Default Re: Good idea to use a weighted belt?

    I'd say that a vest would be better than a belt...

    I didn't even know you could get weighted belts other than for use during push ups and dips... you try and do exercises other than those and in my opinion your going to have a negative affect on your body's mechanics.

    Think of the way the hips and waiste move and provide foundation for the rest of the body.

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