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Thread: Developing ones one style

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    Default Re: Developing ones one style

    I agree 100%
    Pain lasts a only a minute, but the memory will last forever....

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    Default Re: Developing ones one style

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacumba Hooker View Post
    FOOLS!!! He can come and coach with me Scrap. It's a bit of a bus ride though!

    Speaking of styles..... apparently lots of pro fighters used to go and watch Charley Burley fight and some tried to immitate him in the gym. It is said that Burley used to tell them that if they tried to copy his style they would get killed (not literally of course) because only he could fight that way.

    To some extent style is a function of personality.
    Hello,welcome .
    And yeah isnt that what its ment to be about at the end of the day more than shaping a fighter how you want to see him become.

    Some trainers need to recognize natural talents and gifts in some areas and build on the individuality of it more.
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    I can explain it.
    But I cant understand it for you.

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