Age: 14
Weight: 145 lb


Beginning to get more serious into training my middle and front deltoids.
Today I more focused on My triceps, abs, and pectoral muscles.

I began with using the jump rope to warm up, very quickly though, about a minute and a half. I went to the punching bag, just to warm up more and my arms moving a little more.

After that, I did some quick bicep curls, with 20lb dumb bells. After that I stretched my triceps, deltoids, biceps, chest, quadriceps, and calves. I went to the bench press and did 65 lbs, with about 15 - 20 reps. I did 2 more sets after that, with 28 reps, than 10.

I lightly swung around with the punching bag for about 5 minutes, because I needed a quick rest from pushing a little hard on the second set.
After that, I went to sit-ups.
I did 2 sets. First regular sit-ups, about 65 reps, then twisting sit-ups, with 50 reps.
After that I did lateral raises. 10 lb, 3 sets, 25 reps. I avoided my back deltoids head for too long, and now I'm attempting to catch up.
Then 3 clean and presses, with 65 lbs.

After that I hit the punching bag, for about 10 - 15 minutes, mostly working on my speed with arm and chest level shots. I'm currently saving to buy a speed bag.

To finish off, I did 3 sets of dumb bell kickbacks, and worked the punching bag lightly as a cool off.
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I've been working out since early December, as a way to get into shape. I got really into it, until about late January, when I began to "out-grow" the weights I currently had, and it became to easy and to boring. Exams were also happening at the time, so I was occupied with that.

I did it about once a week after that, and very lightly, and I wasn't very into it. I felt like I was doing it, just because I had nothing better to do.
This happened throughout February.
I stopped for 2 weeks, doing mostly cardio-respiratory activities, which I was considering switching entirely to that. But I really wanted to have a built body, so I decided to look for a way to find body-building interesting and still do cardio style. I found boxing was good, since my brother had recently bought a punching bag about a month before. That was mid-march. So I've been picking myself back up lately, and re-planning out a schedule, and diet.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on working on a good diet and workout I could implement into my school days?
That would be much appreciated.