R1 10-9 Ortiz
R2 10-9 Peterson
R3 10-7 Ortiz
R4 10-9 Peterson
R5 10-9 Ortiz
R6 10-9 Peterson
R7 10-9 Peterson
R8 10-9 Peterson
R9 10-9 Peterson
R10 10-9 Ortiz

95-95 Draw

The first two rounds were rounds where both fighters appeared to be warming up, both landing rarely and being cautious and i had those rounds split 1 apiece going into the third.

It all changed in the third round were Ortiz put his foot on the gas, pressuring Peterson onto the ropes and landing some big shots and eventually scoring two knockdowns in the round, Peterson was not hurt by either knockdown both appearing to be more because of his balance than being hurt.

The fourth round was a good comeback round for Peterson where he was able to land some big right hands and hooks.

The fifth was a close round but i had Ortiz edging it because he landed the bigger shots and was more aggressive.

The sixth round was a round Ortiz decided to starting using alot of movement and fighting off the backfoot which was a terrible mistake because Peterson was the better boxer with the longer reach and it allowed Peterson to pop hard shots from long range and be the aggressor giving him the round.

That trend continued in the seventh round but Ortiz had his moments, still thought Peterson landed the better shots so i gave him the round.

The eighth round Ortiz picked it up aggressively but Peterson came back hard with big clean shots every chance he got. This round was probably Peterson's best round.

Ortiz boxed again in the ninth round, Peterson edged it once again imo with cleaner shots and being the aggressor.

The tenth round was the round were Ortiz finally realized that he had to pressure Peterson to beat him and he did, he was aggressive, landed the better shots and as a result Peterson didn't do anything worth mentioning. What Ortiz was thinking in the previous rounds i don't know.

I feel you could make more of a case for Ortiz winning than Peterson because of the knockdown round but he performed stupidly from the 6th until the 10th that he cost himself the win on my card and obviously the cards of the judges.

How did you fellow fight fans score this fight ?