Joe Schilling is going to knockout Kaoklai in the Club Nokia at L.A. Live on October 21st, 2011. This will happen because Joe is going into this fight with that exact attitude; “that he will knockout Kaoklai.” Joe has the fastest Muay Thai knockout of all time (.05 sec), all of his strikes are accurate and powerful, and I don’t think Kaoklai knows what kind of fighter Joe Schilling has become.

Kaoklai is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of our time, but his conventional style of Muay Thai is not going to work against Joe Schilling. In a conventional fight in Thailand the 1st round is the feel out round, then in the 2nd round the strikes are thrown with a little more force, in the 3rd round they start getting into the clinch, and the 4th and 5th rounds are usually a war of elbows and knees.

Joe is not a conventional Muay Thai fighter, he is from the USA and he is out to destroy everyone that steps into the ring with him. (When he comes out into his fights, he wears an orange prison suit that states “The Yard Muay Thai”) He is going to walk forward, use his size as an advantage, and he will undoubtedly knockout Kaoklai on Friday October 21st, 2011.