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Thread: Improving Defence

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    Default Improving Defence

    Hey everyone. I'm having real problems with my defence it's whats letting me down at the minute. Espeically against taller fighters I just keep getting caught with the jab and can't seem to land a shot without taking 1 or 2 back. Does anyone have any good drills to improve my head movement and parrying while training on my own? I practice as much as I can in the gym but would like some drills I can do while at home too for extra practice. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Improving Defence

    In everything you do, you should be practicing defense. You never hit the heavy bag without first avoiding a punch, same when you are shadowboxing. You have to ingrain those reactions your mind, so it has to be constant.
    Also, think about where you are in the ring. Being a southpaw, getting hit with the jab means you are in the wrong place. Circle to your right, getting outside his lead foot, and he cannot hit you. This also opens up the left side of his body for your right hook, and gives you a lane down the middle for your straight left hand, to either the chin or solar plexus. Again, being outside his lead foot makes it hard for him to counter you.
    Be more aware of range and distance. You want to be just barely beyond his reach; then you don't need to react to punches. But if you decide to, one step and you have moved into range for your counters.
    It is important to practice, at all times, a defensive move followed at once by a counter. Create the opening and exploit it, or he'll just throw a second punch and hit you.

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    Default Re: Improving Defence

    Not sure what kind of stance you use but try using a basic peek a boo stance and keep everything tight. Then practice wiping the jab. All you have to do is turn your rear hand around, try looking it up on youtube. Since your having trouble landing punches dont worry so much about slipping punches right now. Use your nice tight peek a boo stance to block punches, then start trying to counter from blocking your opponents punches. Greys right on about orthadox vs southpaw and vice versa. Make sure you keep your lead foot on the outside of their lead foot.

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