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Thread: The Chavez vs Lee fight was close at time of stoppage

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    Default The Chavez vs Lee fight was close at time of stoppage

    i was able to collect 70 scores for this fight for the fightscorecollector blog (in the signature below).

    31 had chavez winning, 11 lee and 28 draw

    thanks to eveybody who posted scores...i had it 57-57 when fight stopped which went along with the scores i got.

    Most had it 58-56 chavez or lee and as you see 28 a draw at 57-57

    press score totals 18 chavez , 3 lee , 7 draw

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    collecting scores from the best boxing sites and forums

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    Default Re: The Chavez vs Lee fight was close at time of stoppage

    IMO, Chavez was winning at the time of the stoppage and it was only going to get worse. Lee was/is too slow, and does not bloat into a light heavy, the way Chavez does. The result was a foregone conclusion. I was hoping Chavez would get dumped on his ass... but I would've never bet on Lee.

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