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Thread: *VIDEO* You're Going To Lose... What Do You Do? (BBP Part III)

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    Exclamation *VIDEO* You're Going To Lose... What Do You Do? (BBP Part III)

    This is Part III of my Black Belt Psychology Live Demo. If you haven't seen parts I and II, check them out first below:
    Part I = Smuggled Cuban boxing secrets!
    Part II = A Beautiful Mind for MMA?

    Part I was about shadow boxing... Part II was about creating fight memories... and Part III is about dealing with competition jitters!

    The core of this lecture is based on the premise that if I had a crystal ball and showed you that you're about to lose your upcoming match... what would you do? Watch the video and you'll understand how this perspective can help remove your competition jitters!

    This video is part of the philosophy I have been using for years to help prepare myself and my team for any fight or competition.

    If you liked this video demo, please join my email list at Free Video - Black Belt Psychology for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for more videos and articles.

    Marcos Avellan
    FREE MMA VIDEO by Miami Mixed Martial Arts Coach Marcos Avellan

    P.S. Now that you are seen all three parts of my demo, what do you think? Please leave me some feedback!

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    Default Re: *VIDEO* You're Going To Lose... What Do You Do? (BBP Part III)

    True; but there are some things you can do. Your mind cant think of two things at the same time so theres distraction to avoid anxiety,you just have to realize when your ego is chatting away in order to be able to instigate the new thought.

    In the ring if you really enjoy yourself in there and you are not there to prove anything to anyone, then your mind is more free to allow you to fire your electrical thoughts through and get 'into the zone' than someone who has an ego issue and the related worries that go with that.

    Like pleasing your home crowd ,family, team, trainer etc via your own ego.

    Separation between mind and ego helps you become spirit/mind/body like the true ancient martial artist. Its like time which has reaction to your timing. Your own ego will stop your timing. A real master is the time, they embrace everything in the moment so that they can become the moment.

    Its funny because most who can do that have already murdered their own ego and dont require anything (that is real true freedom). So the majority of them dont compete with others even if they are forced or decide to physically compete, as they have won the biggest fight (the internal egoic one) and are free of it now.

    Ego is good though, it is where fight and flight came into being and we require it. But which has a hold of the mental controls? That is the big personal question and the locked box holding the key to unchained freedom.
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    I can explain it.
    But I cant understand it for you.

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