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Thread: Trifecta Complete

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    Default Trifecta Complete

    Hello from the States!

    Now I don't normally get on here to gloat, but I just got on yesterday (for the first time since 2010), and this is what I posted:

    "Now as a boxing fan, could it be that GBP did not want Khan to fight Peterson again? Could it be that they did not want Ortiz to fight Berto again--choosing a 140lb fighter to take on the biggest welter in the US?

    As a boxing fan, I think they made a huge mistake in both cases, because they didn't understand the grit of a Josesito Lopez (Ortiz always quits..), and they don't see the determination of Danny Garcia (Khan has tasted two types of defeat, and is coming off the loss). He's not ready to give up his 0, and it just might complete the Trifecta of high profile losses started w Manny Pacquiao. "

    Danny Garcia said it best at the press conference (to paraphrase): "Some champions are made, and I am a champion that earned it. You will see it in the ring tomorrow night."

    Nuff said!

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    Default Re: Trifecta Complete

    Good call, I sure didn't see any of them coming.

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