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Thread: one handed boxer?

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    Default one handed boxer?

    about 5 years ago i was in a car accident and lost my right hand at the wrist and recently i have become very interested in boxing and i have been wondering would i be allowed to box professionally or at all with this handicap. i have not been able to find a decent boxing gym or trainer around to ask.

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    You sure can. In fact someone who has just one hand has just turned pro. Michael Constantino. You can youtube him to watch his fights as an amateur. He's pretty good too.

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    Default Re: one handed boxer?

    Yea, Mike Constantino as an example. Just read about him. Also, there is famous one-handed kick-boxer, forgot his name though...

    Well, Roy Jones fought Hopkins with one hand almost due to injury and won. One handed people develop extra strengths, so your jabs must be pretty good (potentially). Ali, SRL, SRR, Larry Holmes proved many times that many fights can be won just the the Jab.

    If your injured hand allows you to defend properly then why not?

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