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Thread: Wow this Quebec charter thing made Aljazeera

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    Default Re: Wow this Quebec charter thing made Aljazeera

    Quote Originally Posted by p4pking View Post
    It's because of my stupid name, I get no respect I was 17 when I signed up here and have just never changed it. Never lived anywhere else. MgjXFbc0u9YrZkuInoB

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    Default Re: Wow this Quebec charter thing made Aljazeera

    Quote Originally Posted by p4pking View Post
    I might be the most veteran Canadian poster on this forum come to think? I don't have much to add to this though, it really is common sense but Quebec always like to be exclusionary and the rest of Canada doesn't have much to do with it whether they want to or not. Last I was in Montreal they were seriously flexing their muscles to make it illegal for businesses to advertise in English, it's all pathetic imo.
    Actually, that's pretty much incorrect; What the Gov here always wanted (and which the law says) is that you can advertise in both language if you want but French must be there and must be more clear than the English advertisement. Pretty much different to forbid from advertising in English. There is always a handful of fanatics that want more but that's true from everything.
    As for the "Charte", the idea in general isn't bad; you work for the State in an important position? You must look neutral as you're not working for your religion neither representing it. That is not bad at all if you ask me. So no obvious religious symbols, whatever they might be.
    There are a few things which I disagree in their "Charte des valeurs québécoises" but the overall idea is simply: Let's not let religion take over the Laicity ground. I hardly see how it can be a bad thing.

    There would be a lot to discuss about it, there are some aspects I am not happy with but the general idea is pretty good if you ask me.
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