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Thread: Is boxing up to scratch?

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    Default Is boxing up to scratch?

    With the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Co should boxing go back to how it was a few hundred years ago, where they drew a line with chalk and both fighters placed their lead foot on that line and did not take it off that line and the first man to drop and not be able to get back up was the loser.

    Hence the term "up to scratch" thats where it came from.

    Although if we do this I think a secured boot on a line should be implemented so it will be physically impossible to move that lead much foot for both fighters.

    Also leather mitts no pillows on each hand.

    Also only one world champion/ title can exist.

    Imagine Foreman VS Tua like this

    Or Tyson VS Foreman
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    Default Re: Is boxing up to scratch?

    Like Rockem Sockem robots?

    Ya know, if people aren't into the sport of boxing, there are ton of street fighting and snuff videos on the internet to quench your thirst for blood.

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