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Thread: David Haye's " career threatening " injury is starting to heal mysteriously

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    Default David Haye's " career threatening " injury is starting to heal mysteriously

    David Haye's Rehabilitation Bearing Positive Results - Boxing News

    Now is this a miracle or some kind of bush league shit?

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    Default Re: David Haye's " career threatening " injury is starting to heal mysteriously

    Oh guys, help me out here. So it was Haye's shoulder that got injured and forced him to cancel his fight against Tyson Fury?? Not his cut eyebrow?? Maybe it was both, huh. Was it the same sparring punch that injured both? Maybe he got cut.... got woozy from loss of blood.... and fell on his shoulder, injuring it. Damn..... such bad luck. First a toe... then an eyebrow... now a shoulder. Maybe some things weren't meant to be. I'll say one thing. Fury's damn lucky Haye hurt himself. Otherwise you never know.....

    Now he's got what.... 6 pins holding his shoulder together?? Damn... sounds pretty bad. He may just have to retire, huh. His jaw's ok though, right? He can still talk shit. Well that's a relief. Any progress on getting another crack at Wlad? I'm sure ol' Dave would brush off these injuries if it meant another shot at Wlad. Well.... that's if his toe has healed since then.

    I think Haye just needs another agent. The one he has isn't working hard enough.

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