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Thread: Mike Weaver vs. Mani Vaka ~ "Career Saver For Weaver"

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    Default Mike Weaver vs. Mani Vaka ~ "Career Saver For Weaver"

    Saturday ~ August 24, 1974

    International Center Arena ~ Honolulu, Hawaii

    'Main Event' > WBA Super-Featherweight Championship

    Champion - Ben Villaflor vs. Challenger - Yasutsune Uehara

    'Main Undercard'

    Mani Vaka {Tonga} ~ 37-6-0 {26 KO's}
    Mike Weaver {San Diego, California} ~ 11-4-0 {8 KO's}

    'The Skinny'

    Mani Vaka, was a highly-regarded puncher from Tonga who was campaigning in Hawaii. The 30 year-old
    Tonga Heavyweight was a an 8-Year Professional who had been campaigning since 1966.

    The 6' 0" and 207 lb. muscle-man from the South Seas, was a vicious right-hand punching fighter who had
    an aggressive style.

    In his career, Mani had never been floored, and had only been stopped once {by a cut left-eye} back in
    July 1970.

    Mani was ranked as the #2 South Seas Heavyweight, behind Young Sekona {who had defeated him 3-Times},
    all in 1973, including a {L Dec 15} on November 16, 1973 for the South Seas Heavyweight Championship.

    But Mani moved to Hawaii in early 1974, and had won '8' straight, and all by Knockouts. Including a
    'skocking' {KO 1} over #13 World-ranked 'Irish' Pat Duncan on July 16th.

    Now, Mani had moved up to the #14 World-ranked Heavyweight.

    Originally >

    #10 Heavyweight - Duane Bobick was supposed to come here to face Mani Vaka. But Duane's Manager {Billy Daniels}
    opted out of the bout.
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    Default Re: Mike Weaver vs. Mani Vaka ~ "Career Saver For Weaver"

    Mike Weaver

    When Mike Weaver went to Hawaii to fill-in for Duane Bobick as the replacement to face
    Mani Vaka.

    Mike's correct record was 6-6-0 {4 KO's}, and not 11-4-0 {8 KO's} as the
    fight promoters posted.

    Mike {Age 23 years, 1 month}, was coming off a {L TKO 7} loss to Duane Bobick
    in San Diego only 4-Weeks earlier.

    In that bout, {Mike @ 197 lbs.} and {Duane @ 215 lbs.} was out-muscled early, and
    'dropped' by a Bobick right-hand to the head in the 2nd-round.

    But, Mike showed toughness, and battled back hard in Rounds 3 thru 5.

    But Mike had his mouth 'bloodied' in Round 6, when Bobick nailed him with several
    hard left-hooks, and straight right-hands. Mike also suffered a cut near his left-eye.

    Mike was then badly cut above the right-eye in Round 7, and the Ring Physician halted
    the bout after Round 7.

    If anything, Mike showed grittiness against Duane, and though he was out-matched, he
    fought back hard in Rounds 3 thru 5, and more than held his own, before getting battered
    in Rounds 6 and 7.
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    Default Re: Mike Weaver vs. Mani Vaka ~ "Career Saver For Weaver"

    Saturday ~ August 24, 1974

    International Center Arena ~ Honolulu, Hawaii

    Attendance ..... { 7850 }

    ~ Mike Weaver Rallies, Upsets Mani Vaka Over 10 ~

    Unheralded San Diego Heavyweight - Mike Weaver rallied from nearly being knocked out
    to come-from-behind to score a 10-Round Unanimous Decision over Tonga's Mani Vaka.

    The hard-punching Vaka, the #13 Ranked Heavyweight was expected to dispose of the
    little-known but muscular San Diego Heavyweight without too much trouble.

    It looked that way early, as Vaka {207 lbs.} had Weaver {198 lbs.} reeling in Rounds
    2 and 3 after banging him with 'big' right-hands to the chin.

    Weaver held on, and made a brief-rally in Round 4, when he landed several hard-punches
    of his own to back the Tonga Heavyweight into the Ropes.

    In Round 5, Vaka patiently waited for an opening, as he let Weaver take control. Then
    late in the Round, Vaka unloaded with a barrage and had Weaver 'dazed' and out-on-his-feet
    in the Corner.

    The Referee looked in and was about to stop the bout, when Vaka suddenly stopped
    punching and backed off. This gave Weaver time to recover, as the San Diego
    Heavyweight was able to clear his head over the last 15-Seconds of Round 5.

    Vaka was slow to take advantage in Round 6, as he let the still 'groggy' Weaver slowly
    work himself back into the bout as he out-punched the Tonga Heavyweight 3-to-1 over
    the second-half of the session.

    Round 7 was fought on relatively 'even terms', as both fighters were less aggressive, and
    catching their second-winds.

    In Round 8, Mani Vaka tried to re-gain his early advantage, and slammed away with
    left-right combinations as he backed Weaver to the Ropes. But the San Diego Heavyweight
    took everything that Vaka could dish-out, and came back with his own assault, taking control
    over the second-half of the session.

    In Round 9, Vaka looked tired and was unable to mount an effective offense. Weaver used
    stiff left-jabs and short right-hands to back Vaka up, as the Tonga fighter had nothing left.

    Late in the Round, Weaver shook Vaka with a 'right-left', and followed up with a '3-Punch'
    combination that knocked out Vaka's mouthpiece.

    In the 10th and Final Round, it was Mike Weaver who took command early, as he scored
    with numerous left-jabs while keeping Vaka on the outside and ducking low. Weaver landed
    a jarring 'left-hook' to Vaka's chin at the {1:40 Mark} that staggered the Tonga fighter and
    nearly sent him to the canvas.

    That punch pretty much 'iced' the bout for Weaver, who went to smart boxing for the rest
    of the Round.

    Vaka did make one last attempt at end of the Round, when he unleashed a few volley's,
    but it was too little and too late.

    * 46-45 > {Mike Weaver}
    * 47-46 > {Mike Weaver}
    * 46-45 > {Mike Weaver}
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