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Thread: The Brexit Thread

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    Default Re: The Brexit Thread

    I think Brexit in the US would be akin to America trading with South America but learning over time that actually the Southern American nations had complete freedom to go to prosperous America and Americans did of course not go south as nobody speaks Spanish well or wants to live in Ecuador. And those other nations were dictating US laws too! My word, what was this?

    Over time people saw what had happened and had a vote. They said 'No more. This is America!' But the Democrats called them all racist and stupid and so when an election came along the working classes all voted Republican even if they had never voted Republican before. The new experiment came to an end.

    Americans saw their wages go up and a better time was had for all with less job competition. MgjXFbc0u9YrZkuInoB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicoli View Post
    Oy vey . Saddo is likely just taking a well deserved break from all of us Muppets. Life does blossom off of keyboards once in a while. Last few pages of this one are inspirational that way . Honestly I couldn't tell you the first thing about Brexit as we have our own circus atmosphere with 24/7 coverage. Welcome back Walrus.
    Thanks spics

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