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Thread: Anti-Trump nutcase kicked off flight for harassing Trump supporter

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    Default Re: Anti-Trump nutcase kicked off flight for harassing Trump supporter

    Beanz just couldn't make this shit up if he tried.

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    Default Re: Anti-Trump nutcase kicked off flight for harassing Trump supporter

    Quote Originally Posted by denilson200 View Post
    So is Trump gonna build that wall ?

    He has no idea what he's gotten himself in to.

    There are unseens costs besides material and labor. My estimate puts it at approx 20.4 billion.

    Here is just a few extra costs to factor.

    1. Site prep/infrastructure.

    There are hundreds of miles of remote land that will need access to a power grid. Power grids and transmission lines will have to be constructed to deliver power to construction sites.

    Roads : Literally hundreds of miles of roads “truck ready” will have to be constructed in this remote areas to deliver materials to site.

    Housing : Workers need housing. Some remote areas can be as much as 2 hours from hotels or a town big enough to support a large work force. Temp housing or busing will have to be provided.

    2. Procurement

    The amount of steel and rebar required for 1800 miles of wall would outstrip domestic sources if Buy America is enacted. Increase cost of overtime of steel mills and labor to meet demands would drive up scrap prices and considerably increase material cost.

    3. Eminent Domain.

    There is a lot of private land abutting the border that would have to be procured. Also easements for new transmission lines and roads would have to be obtained.

    4. Soil Studies

    Bore logs would have to be drilled along the length of the wall to test soil geology. Soil contents can vary greatly from place to place. Separate engineering studies would have to be done for each variance.

    This is just a short list without getting long winded. But you get the idea

    That is just for the construction phase keep in mind. Yearly maintenance on the wall will be on the order of 750 mil to 900 million a year.

    Tunnels and urban excavation are a completely different animal and cost structure. An extensive amount of temporary shoring is required (Structural Steel) as well as bore machines which are assembled and disassembled on site can cost as much as 50 million a piece.

    Good Luck Donald
    I'm sure The Don has read your comments and has gained a lot from them . Did you write this whilst eating a bacon sandwich ?

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