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Thread: Wilder Povetkin Appeal

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    Default Wilder Povetkin Appeal

    If you can make head or tail out of this then be my guest

    A couple weeks ago, attorneys for Deontay Wilder filed a Reply Brief in its Appellate case with World of Boxing and Alexander Povetkin.
    The long-winding legal case currently resides in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Specifically, Wilder appeals the U.S. District Court’s ruling which dismissed the boxer’s allegations that Povetkin breached their bout agreement to fight when he tested positive for Meldonium. A jury ruled in Wilder’s favor that Povetkin ingested meldonium post January 1, 2016 but the court later sided with the World Boxing Council, the regulating body governing the Wilder-Povetkin bout. In a November 2017 order, the WBC stated that it could not determine whether Povetkin ingested meldonium post-January 2016. The WBC Rules and Regulations indicated that “any dispute or controversy” would be bound by its own rules. Therefore, the Court seemingly adopted the WBC’s interpretation of the issues associated with this case and neglected to enforce the jury verdict.
    Of course, WOB adopted the district court ruling. They argued that the trial court was correct in deferring the discretion of a private organization in interpreting their own rules. Notably, the Deflategate case is one of the central cases in this appeal. As you recall, Tom Brady was accused of deflating footballs below regulation. The New England Patriot quarterback requested arbitration to challenge his four-game suspension. He participated in an arbitration in which the Commissioner affirmed the suspension. Ultimately, the trial court set aside the arbitration decision.

    rest of article here -
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    Default Re: Wilder Povetkin Appeal

    Povetkin blew his chance by being tested positive. The end.
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    Default Re: Wilder Povetkin Appeal

    Waste of the court's time. Just end the legal issue- Povetkin ain't gettin' another shot now over anyone else.
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