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Thread: Davis vs Farmer... I see a Tyszu v Mitchell thing shaping up!

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    Default Davis vs Farmer... I see a Tyszu v Mitchell thing shaping up!

    Remember when Sharmba Mitchell started calling out Kostya Tyszu for God knows how long, like Farmer was with Davis, but when Mitchell got in their with Kostya he gave up the first time and got stopped the second time.

    I hope it is competetive because there was NO REASON for Davis to reject Farmer out of hand due to his losses but then for Davis to go on to fight bum after bum.
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    Default Re: Davis vs Farmer... I see a Tyszu v Mitchell thing shaping up!

    I like that Farmer has been active. His activity has given me reason to respect him. With that said, I don’t think that Farmer is great. He has been beating decent fighters but no one at the top. I think that Davis beats him.

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