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Thread: Belt Madness

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    Default Belt Madness

    The WBC will be handing out two belts on two differnt cards on the night Munguia defends his WBO belt because...because the WBC Obviously not everyone is happy

    The World Boxing Council released details of two belts added to the forthcoming fights featuring Tyson Fury and Jaime Munguia on September 14. In a traditional move, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman hands out straps to the boxers competing around the two Mexican dates in the calendar. Earlier this year, Canelo Alvarez took home a trinket for his win over Daniel Jacobs. This fall, a ‘Maya Belt’ was created. Due to several high profile contests taking place, the WBC decided to give away two titles, one to the Fury v Otto Wallin winner and the other to Munguia versus Patrick Allotey. Confirming their intention, the WBC said: Two Edition Two Maya Belts will be up for grabs in the fights between Jaime Munguia Vs Patrick Allotey in Carson, California and on the very same night of September 14th with Tyson Fury Vs Otto Wallin in Las Vegas. The World Boxing Council made the announcement in the epicenter of hard knocks…The Chamber of Deputies in the heart of Mexico City. Mauricio explained that the WBC Board of Governors had been tied in votes for which fight most deserved this special status. Therefore both had been chosen.

    More here - WBO furious as WBC confirm belts for Tyson Fury, Jaime Munguia fights | WBN - World Boxing News
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    Default Re: Belt Madness

    It's funny how Americans put the word 'already' at the end of sentences innit
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    Default Re: Belt Madness

    He’s Puerto Rican

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    Default Re: Belt Madness

    Anyone surprised about the WBC??

    Fukk... I hope not.

    They're handing out belts like candy at Halloween. At least when the Treasury Dept prints tons of new money, they can claim all these flimsy excuses when all they're accomplishing is devaluing the currency.

    The WBC is single-handedly making a mockery of titles and belts.

    Why?..... I wonder.

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