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Thread: Nicola Adams announces retirement

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    Default Nicola Adams announces retirement

    Nicola Adams is the best women's boxer I have ever seen.

    Double Olympic champion Nicola Adams announces retirement from boxing over eyesight fears.

    Nicola Adams, who led women’s boxing into the mainstream and *became one of the most decorated fighters of all time, announced her retirement yesterday at the age of 37 after medical advice that her *eyesight was at risk.

    The flyweight world champion, who won gold medals at the *London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, announced her shock decision in an open letter to her local newspaper, the Yorkshire Evening Post and then later revealed that she had suffered a torn pupil in her last fight, against Maria Salinas in September.

    “I’m immensely honoured to have represented our country – to win double Olympic gold medals and then the WBO championship belt is a dream come true,” Adams wrote in the YEP. “But it’s not without taking its toll on my body and, aside from the expected aches and pains, I’ve been advised that any further *impact to my eye would most likely lead to irreparable damage and *permanent vision loss.”

    She was more specific about the nature of the problem when she spoke later to the BBC, saying it was the injury against Salinas that had made up her mind.

    “I didn’t think it would be anything too serious but I had torn the pupil in my eye,” Adams said.

    “I got the injury in the first round. I phoned the doctors a couple of days afterwards.
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    Default Re: Nicola Adams announces retirement

    ​Very skilled and classy boxer. She really was a good technician in there.
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    Default Re: Nicola Adams announces retirement

    And just to think, she wouldk have been even better at making cookies!

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    Default Re: Nicola Adams announces retirement

    Whats got 6 legs and eats pussy ?

    You, me and Nicola Adams.
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