I want to check my email. I hit the icon. It spins. Nothing. I close out the window. I hit it again. Now it opens but I get an Android message: update required or some of your phones apps may stop working. I skip it. Email opens. Tons of spam. Actually I got 77 new messages, all from insurance, tax, investment, car loan, weight loss, cruise ship, life insurance, hair loss, gym membership, alarm system advertising companies.


Since yesterday.

I can't find the email I am searching for due to this. I now mass delete. More time wasted. Whoops. I go to trash folder and see the email had gotten swept up in the mass delete action. Need to send it back to in-box.

Okay, got it open. Employer says "cannot open your docx files. Please resend as a .pdf
I have to open my original attachment and re-save it as .pdf

But it won't let me.

Now what. Just when I open Adobe Acrobat, my battery dies. Get the charger.

Shit, this is just a bunch of bullshit.