So I have seen a little gaggle of Deontay Wilder haters amassing, kinda obsessed with any chink in his armour like how some folks were about Floyd Mayweather. Saying any little wobble or injury means that Wilder ain't shit, etc, etc... lolol... kinda like how ORtiz wobbled him in the first fight so that meant that Ortiz had something over Wilder and that Wilder was not as good as he thinks he is.

But anyway, see what Owen Beck said about Wilder before Wilder's fight with Bermane Stiverne for the first time.

Beck, Owen:

1. Deontay Wilder: Beck claims that Wilder's sparring, like his fight with him was "Pretty much no good either. He was complaining about his elbows, about tendinitis. . .We didn't spar but I think two rounds, maybe." He picks Bermane Stiverne against Wilder by fifth-round knockout. He thinks Stiverne hits harder than Wilder having both fought and sparred Wilder and sparred Bermane. He feels Wilder and his team were okay to his face but disrespected him behind his back. He feels Wilder is a very disrespectful person. He also says he feels he observed that Wilder specifically doesn't like to get hit with body punches.

See link to this. Has a compilation of famous sparring partners of the fighters we have come to love.