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Thread: GGG gonna GGG

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    Default GGG gonna GGG

    But it’s his mandatory! Please someone use that defense, I need the laughs.

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    Default Re: GGG gonna GGG

    I will never give the benefit of the doubt for these kinds of fights at this point of a fighters career. He is a big enough name that he can basically get any fight he wants. I thought he lost last fight and I’m betting that he is just waiting to cash out on a final Canelo fight. There has been a lot of talk about it recently again.

    I wrote in a thread a while ago that GGG was avoided back in the day, but the tables turned and once the division started to heat up, he then started not taking on all comers. He is still fun to watch, but I really have no interest in a fight like this.

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    Default Re: GGG gonna GGG

    not a mandatory right now
    Apply shame. Apply fame. The crook and the flail.

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