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Thread: I love watching live boxing!

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    Default Re: I love watching live boxing!

    Quote Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
    Live boxing is a drug; I've seen many people that had no interest going in leave starry eyed.
    I have seen fight from nosebleed seats, from lower seat, 3rd row and ringside. The closer the better. Nothing beats standing on the ring apron.
    It is like a drug and yes nothing better than being ringside. I am lucky to have knelt with my elbows on the canvas for a few years now and I miss it in the gaps between shows. Made a lot of great friends through boxing and I get to see everything from the ring being put up, fighters bring gloved, to the post fight dressing room celebrations/commiserations and the ring being dismantled. I get to talk to and see fighters and their teams at their highest and lowest, after winning/losing titles and being on both side of brutal Ko's and stppages/dodgy decisions.

    Next out in April and it can't come fast enough.
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    Default Re: I love watching live boxing!

    We were off to the left of the camera angle. Maybe 40-50 feet away at most and a perfect viewing angle.

    Only glitch was the video cameraman standing just outside the ropes. Next time we'll choose seats taking that in mind.

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