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Thread: New Boxing game is finally coming....

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    Default New Boxing game is finally coming....

    I'm sure one of the guys who is something to do with this was posting about this on here a few months back, hard to say from the watching twitter promo video on the link below if it'll be any good as the clips are from the "In Game Highlights" which always piss all over the actual graphics in the real game play

    Does look pretty good though so hopefully it turns out to be a decent boxing game.

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    Default Re: New Boxing game is finally coming....

    Just came on to post about this. Missed this post when it went on.

    Yes the guys posted on here but can’t find.

    No telling how good it will be of course but it will be the only one available and if it’s half decent at least will fill the void that’s been inexplicably 9 years and should sell shit loads.

    I for one don’t really care about the characters and licences - though of course it’s great to have. The gameplay is where it’s at.
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