1.Leonard vs Haglar (Great movement, good inside/outside work by both. Round9-10 turned into a fight, but Ray fought out of trouble and went back to sticking & moving)
2. Ali vs Cleveland Williams (Ali boxed inside, outside, went to the body, used a piston jab, threw power shots gong forward, bloodied and dropped Williams in an advance class on whoop-ass.)
3. Mosley vs DLH I (This was an Ebb n Flow of 2 young, undefeated & prime boxers. They displayed accurate punching taking turns winning rounds, Shane pulled it last few round, excellent boxing by both!)
4. Hopkins vs Trinidad (Tito kept Hop on his bike, yet he stuck & moved, constantly kept his back to the ropes displaying a vast arsenal of shots, when Tito refused his clinches. Competitive til last few rounds, mastery of ring generalship: hop)
5. Ali vs Frazier (A brawl and boxing match all in one, for near 14 rounds, nuff said!)
6. Morales vs Pacquiao I ( Erik was the matador that used jab, positioning, busted up Pac, kept him off balance, really made Manny look ordinary)
7. Hopkins vs Pascal II (Took clubbing shots, but subtle footwork, jabbing @ his shoulders kept Jean off balance, Hop constantly changed direction/positioning causing Pascal to keep resetting)
8. JMM vs Pacquio I (Had to adjust after 2n/3rd round, from then on it was a display of sweet science inside & outside with precision timing by Juan)
9. Whitaker vs JCC ( he didn't run, stayed in the pocket, turned JCC like a spinner, no boxing 101, this was advanced)
10. Cotto vs Margarito II (pretty much like the 1st fight until whatever was in Rito's gloves that drew blood 1st time out but couldnt scrape him 2nd time, Miguel stayed poised & outboxed the taller man, easily)
11. Toney vs McCallum (masterful class on inside and body punching by both)
12. Paulie Ayala vs Johnny Tapia ( both fighters boxed great, fought their hearts out)
13. Meldrick Taylor vs Buddy McGirt (started off wild, then turned ebb n flow, but the hand speed of Meldrick was fantastic, combinations unmatched)
14. Quintana vs Paul Williams I (He fought the big man inside with really nice footwork, wide ass looping shots that landed on the button almost constantly. Nice mix of body to head)
15. Glencoffe vs Antonio Tarver (great ebb n flow, inside and out, they complimented each other's style)
16. JMM vs Juan Diaz I (starts out as a brawl, but JMM picked his spots forcing ebb n flow until late rounds, combinations upstairs down, tremendous timing on JMM's part
17. Hopkins vs Pavlik (forced Kelly to fight his pace, never ran, perfect mix of potshot/clinch/turning his man, kinda made it look easy)
18. Barerra vs Hamed (MAB is known for fighting, but he turned professor & exposed the lack of balance, timing and positioning that Hamed never had- proved Nasim had power, speed & showboating, nothing else!)
19. Jones vs Toney (should be way higher, but we all knew JT had to lose a LOT of weight because he had no discipline, nevertheless RJJ dispatched of him more so with talent and youth than skill. Made it look easy as hell)
20. Ali vs Foreman (when a man makes up on the spot- the rope a dope and the bull falls for it, as simple as it may seem, Ali allowed the dude to punch himself out like a dope. Ali Bumbaye!)