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Thread: Training boxing/other contact sport at home.

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    Default Training boxing/other contact sport at home.

    Let’s talk about training.

    Due to the pandemic many gyms are closed. How do you practice boxing while at home? Do you train with a partner? Also what are your options, if you need to be isolated completely alone. If you are not actually training in the boxing, then what conditioning exercises will you do that develop you as a athlete/martial artist?

    I am interested in all the different experiences. Also looking for new interesting training ideas.

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    Default Re: Training boxing/other contact sport at home.

    Running at the park, skipping, shadow boxing, pad work, press up, sit up etc drills.
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    Default Re: Training boxing/other contact sport at home.

    Fucking ey, good timing on thread.

    I haven't boxed for years and dusted of my boxing equipment today. Just hit the bags.
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    Default Re: Training boxing/other contact sport at home.

    Great thread topic.

    It's almost a cliché at this stage, but Shadowboxing is probably the most useful exercise a boxer can do alone.
    You can Shadowbox at high pace to emulate fight conditions or you can really slow it down to work on punch mechanics and shore up your defence while throwing shots.
    I didn't value it all that much when I was younger, but I really understand the benefits now. Well, that and I remember Andre Ward outlining how much his training relied on it... Hard argue with a guy that good.

    Anyway, specifically during pandemic times I've been using videos of a couple of the guys ai coach Shadowboxing to critique their technique and to offer suggestions, tweaks or adjustments they may need.

    Personally even simply using a mirror can open up all kinds of defensive and countering possibilities.
    You really reap what you sow when it comes to Shadowboxing.

    Footwork drills are another really simple exercise that can have a massive payoff. There are so many available out there it's probably not necessary to outline any here, but feet really are important and so easy to improve if you have the time to focus on them.

    Conditioning is obviously massively important.
    While I think it's a great time to grow your Aerobic engine or to ramp up your anaerobic training, I don't think there's much point getting crazy fit at the moment with no definitive competition dates and the risk of running yourself ragged before what is surely going to be an overly-enthusiastic season of beasting sessions when the gyms are allowed open again....
    Instead I think mobility, core work and addressing any injuries or imbalances might be time well spent right now.

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