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Thread: Gervonta Davis v Mario Barrios

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    Default Gervonta Davis v Mario Barrios

    MOVING UP Gervonta Davis to jump up TWO weight classes for next fight as talks begin with Mario Barrios for summer clash

    GERVONTA DAVIS is set to jump up TWO weight classes to take on Mario Barrios this summer.

    A showdown between the WBA super-featherweight champion and the undefeated Barrios is reportedly in the works.

    But according to The Athletic, there's currently no timeframe or venue in mind for the shock bout.
    Davis' apparent move up to super-lightweight has divided boxing fans, who took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the proposed contest.

    One fan tweeted: "Tank is so unserious.

    "So many good fights at 130 and 135 but he’s going up to 140 where he’ll be undersized massively and TR control all the belts

    "Needs to just control his weight and fight at 130/135."

    Another said: "Can we agree that this move would be the same as Canelo moving up to 168 to win a belt against a paper champion in Rocky Fielding?

    "I mean it's the WBA regular we are talking after all."

    And another said: "Does he realize Barrios doesn't hold a real belt? Those are on the line between [Josh] Taylor and [Jose] Ramirez."

    One boxing fan, however, defended the match-up, saying: "Tank jumping up 10 pounds to fight an undefeated 5’11 champion with an 70 inch reach and tank is 5’5.

    "If tank wins he will hold three titles in 130 , 135 and 140 all at the same time. P4P top 7 for sure."

    Davis' decision to move up in weight instead of pursuing fights against one of the other lightweight standouts has perplexed many, especially after Teofimo Lopez's recent call-out.

    Unified lightweight king Lopez told DAZN: “It’s got to be… I would love to fight ‘Tank’ Davis. I would love to knock him out.”

    He added: “A lot of people talk about it, that it would be a 50-50 fight.

    "If we mentioned Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia, the guy everyone thinks will be a 50-50 fight will be me and ‘Tank’ Davis.

    "Even if I don’t think it will be. I know what I bring to the table.”

    Davis, 26, was last in action against Leo Santa Cruz in October 2019.

    The Baltimore bruiser scored a sickening one-punch KO victory in the sixth-round of their Texas showdown, which immediately went viral.
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    Default Re: Gervonta Davis v Mario Barrios

    It was October 2020. Davis is a little fat bastard. He can't face making the weight again. At least he's more honest than Broner. He's not going to be as mobile or as fast when he's heavier and he'd better hope his power carries up with him. Could be another Broner-Maidana coming up.

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    Default Re: Gervonta Davis v Mario Barrios

    Tank isn't built for 140. The guy is a boarder line tree stump as it is. This is what happens when you allow a 'star' for campaign for basically two divisions his last fight. This feels like trying to short cut his way to what's assumed an easy'ish champ mark in Barrios but I wouldn't jump the gun if I were Davis. Why not do something insane like ohh I dunno, campaign at a deep 135 after his most impressive win? Barrios isn't hard to miss but up until Davis lifted Leos soul out of his body with that uppercut neither was Davis. Wanna go 'big' at 140 fight Prograis and see how accurate those punches are.

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    Default Re: Gervonta Davis v Mario Barrios

    tank ices mario
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