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Thread: Dream 5 a side team

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    Default Re: Dream 5 a side team

    Quote Originally Posted by erics44 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    From 1982 - 2008, I thought England could win but that all stopped after 2010. We got lucky to get to the semi finals last time. Think France or Belgium will win this year.
    we didnt get lucky we deserved it theres no doubt about that

    bottled it in the semis a bit tho

    and we have a better chance this year than 2018, in fact i think we have the best chance since 1996
    The draw was good for us and we lost to Belgium on purpose to avoid Brazil and France.
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: Dream 5 a side team

    I don't get carried anyway either since 2010 like Master.

    But yes this team isn't bad at the moment and has pace and goals in it so always a chance.

    But when we're up against the top sides we're second favourites - France, Belgium, Spain, Germany - in my book but that has to change at some point, right ??
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    Default Re: Dream 5 a side team

    Quote Originally Posted by X View Post

    Goalkeeper - Nikolai Valuev

    Defenders - Sonny Liston and Andrew Golota

    Midfield - Roy Jones

    Forward - Roberto Duran

    Nobody would be kicking lumps out of that team!

    Any 4 from these two soon as they show buttocks, butt, booty, ass, cushion.. only one man needed to score!

    World Football or American football, don't matter we distracting, acting and scoring

    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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