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Thread: Sky Sports agree four-year deal to broadcast Top Rank's US shows

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    Default Sky Sports agree four-year deal to broadcast Top Rank's US shows

    Good news but no Tyson Fury fights being shown

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    Default Re: Sky Sports agree four-year deal to broadcast Top Rank's US shows

    They used to pick up all Top Rank fights years ago before Box Nation started or at least almost all of them so this was a likely move. Frank Warren will be looking forward to the end of his BT contract too because both Sky and BT will be after him when it's up. In the meantime Sky will pick up any odds and sods they can. There's the possibility they get some PBC content as well. Second tier British promoters like McGuigan and Hennessy will get airtime for anybody marketable too.

    Lots of options for Sky and they'll keep a decent boxing budget because with it and their platform and the profusion of domestic options there's a decent chance they can produce another Ricky Hatton/Joshua level earner even if Warren stays with BT. It's the platform that builds the brand and offers the red button paydays, not so much the promoter. It's actually an opportunity for the second tier guys to become first tier if they can come up with the fighters.

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