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Thread: Head Trainer and BJS quitting.

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    Default Head Trainer and BJS quitting.

    When a fighter goes back to his corner the trainer only has a minute with his fighter to convince him to carry on, change his style or stop the fight.

    Ben Davidson was not the head trainer on that night and immediately after the 8th round he whispered in BJS ear and told him to stop the fight.

    Mark Tibbs was the head trainer.

    BJS mentioned in a recent interview that he wanted to turn orthodox and give another round.

    With Ben Davidson track record of playing it safe and never wanting to be the aggressor, why did Mark allow this to happen?

    What are your thoughts on BJS retirement talk and do you think he should come back from the Canelo fight?

    Did he quit?

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    Default Re: Head Trainer and BJS quitting.

    BJS probably did quit which is not a negative thing to do especially if you think you have broken an eye socket.

    BJS was doing well and won those mid few rounds until the injury happened and the fight was only going one way. The new found single punch power that Canelo has recently found may have caused more permanent injury.

    Saunders did deserve stick because of what he said about Dunois. Karma can be a bitch.

    Billy is a very good fighter and should have achieved more. Think he will stay retired and be content to goad Eubank from the sidelines. Knowing he has that close win over him and not risking it against Junior.
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: Head Trainer and BJS quitting.

    He's a shitty human being, but nobody should be questioned for not carrying on with an injury like that in hindsight. Even beforehand, you should always give a guy the benefit of the doubt when he's given it a proper try and doesn't have a track record of it or anything.

    He isn't a big puncher and Canelo isn't remotely vulnerable, it doesn't really matter who his trainer was or what he might have tried given another round.

    Whether he should fight on that all depends on the extent of the injury and what level he wants to be at I guess. A rematch with Eubank jr probably would be about as lucrative as anything he could aim for.

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