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Thread: Usyck is quick, Tyson is also

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    Default Usyck is quick, Tyson is also

    And I told you so about Usyck, won my money thankyou. Fury is almost as quick as Usyck, interesting, better championship fight.

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    Default Re: Usyck is quick, Tyson is also

    Fury IMO is the quickest big man in...years? A decade plus? Both are very knowledgeable in the ring. Only 1 year apart in age. Usyk is older.

    Where they differ is that Usyk has a higher workrate. Isn't potentially fragile in the mind as Fury. As Fury talked way too much about alchohol & depression, shit that most boxers dealt in problems... not his specfically his kind.

    I could care less that Fury beat depression. So, too did Aaron Pryor, Marvin Haglar, Roberto Duran...his issues are miniscule to most, cause he caused that too happen himself. Some boxers were molested in their youth..they didnt cry about it.

    I don't think Fury will chance this fight. Usyk is one of the few boxers that Fury has never trashed talked...totally played into the possibility he could be Joshiua.
    He was right.

    WAR USYK!!!!
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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    Default Re: Usyck is quick, Tyson is also

    Fury schools Usyk

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