Now the media has shifted on to this decades old standoff the Ukraine is having with Russia. If you check the archives you would see that every end of year, early January, Russia and the Ukraine have a standoff.

What's at the bottom of this standoff? Glad you asked. It has always been about gas an oil. You see? Ukraine does not feel it has to pay Russia for the gas it mines inside of the Ukraine.

Russia has gas companies mining for gas inside of the Ukraine. Has been like this since the Soviet Union collapsed and every winter there is a standoff on the Ukraine trying to stiff Russia on the bill.

Of course, doing business in that part of the world is pretty rough. Just like when the USA used to plant mines in Nicaraguan waters, or overthrew Guatemalan leaders to help their corporate friends like the United Fruit Company and all and sundry?

The "Western Media" neglects that part of this dialouge where they don't tell you WHY Russia is at the border of the Ukraine. Russian companies want their damn money. Pay the people, Ukraine.

The US is trying to amp this up because they are not only war mongers, but they also don't want Russia to have any strong control over oil and gas deposits in Eastern Europe.

Lying ass Western Media. And they are ALL IN ON IT. Fox News is no better than CNN on this. Wickedness!