Electrician who KO'd Evander Holyfield's son earned £6,000 for stunning win.

Jurmain McDonald, the electrician who brutally knocked out Evander Holyfiel d's son last weekend, earned just £6,000 for his win.

Evan Holyfield was looking for his 10th professional win against McDonald on the Triller Fight Club in California, but he was stopped in his tracks by way of a massive overhand right in the second round. Holyfield tried to get back to his feet after being knocked down, but was unable to beat the count.

McDonald, a part-time boxer who works as an electrician when he is not fighting, entered the fight with a record of 6-5. The 32-year-old earned £6,000 for the knockout win, whilst Holyfield took home £10,000.

Holyfield, who was a huge betting favourite heading into the fight, has since released a statement about the loss, stating: "Blessed to be in good health, and that was good shot, no cap! Hope I didn’t disappoint too many folk, but I promise I’ll make up for it. Definitely still have my sights on being world champion!"

Holyfield turned professional in 2019 and had won six of nine fights by knockout before facing McDonald. But he has now failed to match his father's spotless record when the boxing legend went unbeaten for the first seven years of his professional career.

The 24-year-old's father returned to the ring for the first time in over a decade last September. Also competing on a Triller event, a 58-year-old Holyfield was knocked out by UFC legend Vitor Belfort in less than two minutes. It marked the former heavyweight champion's first fight since knocking out Brian Nielson in 2011.

Holyfield's son revealed that he was not trained by his father for the bout and was instead just given pointers by the former heavyweight champion: "Right now, I have coaches and he is just my dad," he told The Metro.

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"He calls me, I call him. Boxing is one thing he enjoys talking about and quite frankly I love talking about boxing to him. We talk about his fights, I ask him what I can do better. Or I’ll spar and send him the footage and he’ll say what I can do better."

McDonald picked up his first knockout victory in over five years by stopping Holyfield. His past five opponents hold a combined record of 8-55-2, making his win against Holyfield undoubtedly the biggest of his part-time career.