Boxing has long been considered a father-son sport going all the way back to the Marquess of Queensberry himself.

Conor Benn, Chris Eubank Jr, Tyson Fury and Campbell Hatton are just some of the names that have followed in their fathers’ footsteps.

But who are the best sons of former fighters in British boxing today?

Fortunately our friends over at Boxing News have ranked the top 10 for us so we don’t have to do it ourselves.

Any objections, feel free to send them their way instead.

Honourable mentions go to Tommy Fury, Aadam Hamed and Lerone Harrison – all young up-and-comers themselves who didn’t manage to make the cut.

1. Tyson Fury – 32-0-1 (23 KOs)
Since claiming the WBC heavyweight title against Deontay Wilder in 2020, the Gypsy King has cemented his place as one of if not the greatest heavyweights of all-time.

His dad John, also a former heavyweight himself, also fought professionally but lost four of his 13 fights.

He never quite hit the lofty heights of Tyson and after retiring has become a popular television guest.

2. Chris Eubank Jr – 32-2 (23 KOs)
It’s hard enough being the the son of a legend but it’s even harder when you happen to share the same name.

Considered by some as one of the greatest fighters of his generation, Chris Eubank Sr was an absolute force to be reckoned with at middleweight and super-middleweight, as he held his titles over a five-year period and beat a number of his leading contemporaries including Nigel Benn, Graciano Rocchigiani and Michael Watson.

In comparison, Eubank Jr has lost two of his and has never won a major world title. That said, he’s not done too badly either, as he’s been in contention for a while now.

3. Conor Benn – 21-0 (14 KOs)
Love him or loathe him Amir Khan has tipped Conor Benn to become the next pay-per-view star in Britain. His old man wasn’t all that bad either.

Before he became a Christian pastor, Nigel ‘The Destroyer’ Benn was one of the most ferocious fighters to have ever lived.

He is regarded as one of the greatest super-middleweights of all-time, defending the WBC championship nine times.

4. James Metcalf – 22-2 (14 KOs)

Let’s face it, James Metcalf is never in a boring fight.

Just ask his previous opponents Ted Cheeseman and Kieran Conway.

Neither was his dad Shea Neary, who entertained the masses with some serious firecrackers against the likes of Jeremiah Malinga and Micky Ward.

5. Michael Gomez Jr – 17-1 (5 KOs)
Michael Gomez Sr – a.k.a ‘The Manchester Mexican’ was WBU super-featherweight world champion from 2004 to 2005 – a period in which he defended his title on two occasions.

Like Benn, Gomez Jr still has some way to go before he can achieve the same success as his father, but we wouldn’t put it past him.

Gomez Jr’s next ring date is yet to be confirmed.

6. Jacob Robinson – 9-1 (2 KOs)
Nicknamed ‘The Cinderella Man’, Steve Robinson accepted the chance to fight John Davison for the vacant WBO featherweight title on just two days’ notice.

He was working in Debenhams at the time.

Son Jacob, meanwhile, narrowly came up short in his bid to become the Commonwealth featherweight champion last weekend.

7. Steve Collins Jr – 14-5-1 (4 KOs)
Known as The Celtic Warrior, Steve Collins Sr terrorised the super-middleweight division until his retirement in 1997.

Coming into the division as a middleweight, Collins Sr’s aggressive style saw him defeat the likes of Benn, Eubank, Neville Brown, Cornelius Carr and Chris Pyatt.

Unfortunately, Collins Jr hasn’t fared quite so well in the pro ranks, dropping three of his last five fights.

8. Tommy Welch – 6-0 (5 KOs)
Up next on the list we have Tommy Welch, a 6-0 pro with five knockouts to his name.

His dad Scott, better known as ‘The Brighton Rock’, was a British heavyweight champion, Commonwealth champ, and a WBO Intercontinental heavyweight champion.

Over to you, Tommy…

9. Campbell Hatton – 7-0 (2 KOs)
To be fair to Campbell Hatton, following his dad Ricky Hatton is a hard task.

One of Manchester’s most famous sons, Ricky brought honour and glory back to Hyde in a brilliant career – with multiple world championships to boot.

Despite this, Campbell has at times struggled to live up to those same expectations, but he’s still got a long way to go before people can judge him properly.

10. Anton Haskins – 5-0 (1 KO)
Anton Haskins, son of former IBF bantamweight belt-holder Lee Haskins, is only just really starting out in his professional career.

And while we don’t know that much about him to be able to form an opinion, he certainly looks the part that’s for sure.

Not sure we’re a fan of the pink hair, though…